Videos of the Biometrics HITech 2017 and XIV BIC

Best Moments

Highlights of Biometrics HITech 2017 e XIV CBI


Adriano Maskalenkas – Ticket Log Innovation Manager

Anders Hartington – Certibio Executive Product Manager

Antonio Maciel Aguiar Filho – President of FENAPPI and Director of the Identification Institute of Goiás State

Arion Toledo Cavalheiro – President of Arpen Brasil

Caetano Paulo Filho – Director of the Identification Institute of São Paulo State

Cassiano Cavalcanti – Amiggo Solutions Director

Carlos Collodoro – Co-founder da Biometrics HITech

Célio Ribeiro – President of ABRID

Cristiano Blanez – NEC Solutions Manager

Danny Kabiljo – FullFace Commercial Director

Davi Gouvêa Martins – Griaule Projects Manager

Fernando Li – LATAM Sales Engineer of Aware

Luciano Baptista – Co-founder da Biometrics HITech

Mamede Lima-Marques – PhD Director of CPAI – UnB Research Centre on Architecture and Information

Oliver Von Treuenfels – Montreal CCO

Oscar Flores – Sales Manager Innovatrics

Ricardo Secco Abboud – Gemalto LATAM Marketing Manager

Rodrigo Meneses de Barros – ASBRAPP Chairman

Sidnei Raulino – SEED CEO

Tomas Moraes Barros – Forensics Brasil Director


Event Highlights

Video Event Highlights


Andréa de Castro – HR Executive

Antonio Maciel Aguiar Filho – FENAPPI’s President and Director of the Identification Institute/Goiás State

Brasílio Caldeira Brant – Director of INI

Caetano Paulo Filho – Diretor of Identification Institute/São Paulo State

Carlos Collodoro – Co-founder of Biometrics HITech

Cassiano Garcia – Government Solutions Manager of  Gemalto

Célia Fernandes – APPESP’s President

Coriolano Camargo – OAB/São Paulo State Advisor

Cristiano dos Santos – Engineering Manager of NEC

Danilo Tarnos – Bid. & Pre Sales Consultant of Vision-Box

Fabio Bernardes – Commercial Manager of Thales

Fabrízio Vargas – Business Development of Biomatica

Fernando Li – Sales Engineer Latin America of Aware

Guilherme Lopes – Director of Identification Institute/Rio Grande do Sul State

Ismael Akiyama – CEO Akiyama

Juan Carlos Tejedor – Director HID Latin America

Julio Lopes – Congressman

Kacio Lopes – CEO Biomatica

Lidia Matiko Maejima – Judge of the Court of Paraná State

Luciano Baptista – Co-founder of Biometrics HITech

Márcio Lambert – Director of Morpho Brasil

Oliver Von Treuenfels – CCO Montreal

Paula Abreu – Business Manager of 3M

Rosangela Mousinho e José Ferreira – INSS

Valdoir Moreira – Executive Manager of Banrisul


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