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In order to provide a growing and better event for companies and professionals working with biometrics, technologies and human identification techniques, Biometrics HITech and FENAPPI (National Federation of Fingerprint and Human Identification Experts) will again be part of this year’s event to the joint accomplishment of the Biometrics HITech Summit 2019 and the XV CBI – Brazilian Congress of Identification.

The event will be a stage for different attractions and will gather, as always, a highly qualified audience: top market companies, executives and experts, public entities and authorities, fingerprint experts and renowned national and international speakers.

Undoubtedly, the best opportunity of the year to introduce and meet innovative identification solutions, seek professional technical improvement and strengthen business relationships for the generation of business.

The Biometrics HITech Summit 2019 and the XV Brazilian Congress of Identification will be held on August 20 and 21, 2019, at FECOMERCIO Events Center, in São Paulo/Brazil.


Executives and specialists from the main market companies, public entities and authorities, technology professionals, fingerprint experts and representatives of markets adhering to the use of human identification solutions will be offered 14 attractions with the objectives of:

  • Discuss the processes and contribute to the strengthening and improvement of human identification in Brazil;
  • Promote the exchange of knowledge on biometrics, trends, case studies and best practices;
  • Present new solutions and technologies;
  • Promote new business opportunities for technology providers and important consumer markets for human identification solutions;
  • Intensify the relationship between the public and private sectors.


Biometrics HITech Conference – national and international speakers address innovations and trends in the use of biometrics and other identification technologies.

XV BIC – the Brazilian Identification Conference promotes the exchange of service and information related to papiloscopy.

Forum – renowned national authorities present their perceptions on the topic “Given the latest technologies and increasingly sophisticated fraud, what are the directions of civil and criminal identification and public security in Brazil in favor of protecting the citizen?”.

Biometrics HITech Expo – at the exhibition, important companies of the biometrics and identification technology market present their products and solutions.

CONADI Meeting – the National Council of Identification Institutes Directors gathers to discuss matters of interest.

Authorities Session – private meetings among sponsors, Directors of the Identification Institutes and CONADI members.

Startups Lounge – area dedicated to entrepreneurial initiatives in biometrics and other identification technologies.

FENAPPI and Associations Meeting – FENAPPI, National Federation of Fingerprint Experts and Human Identification Professionals, meets with the State and Federal District Associations to discuss subjects of interest.

Short Courses – 8 themes for improvement/technical update of professionals and experts in human identification.

Visits to the IIRGD/SP – visit to the Identification Institute of São Paulo State.

INI Meeting – The National Identification Institute meets with the State representatives of the Identification Centre of the Federal Police to discuss matters of interest related to the human identification and forensic papiloscopy.

INI Session – Private meetings with the State representatives of the Federal Police identification department.

Overall Programme

Results 2018

In August 2018, the Biometrics HITech Summit 2018 was held in São Paulo / SP. Check out the video, photos and results of the event:

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Dates and Venue

Biometrics HITech Summit 2019
20 – 21 August 2019

FECOMERCIO Events Center
Rua Dr. Plínio Barreto, 285 – Bela Vista, São Paulo/SP

Hotels nearby the local of the event*

Hotel San Gabriel
R. Frei Caneca, 1006 – Cerqueira César, São Paulo/SP
Tel: +55 11 3253-2279

Íbis Budget São Paulo Paulista
2303 Consolação St – Consolação, São Paulo/SP
Phone: +55 11 3123-7755 

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826 Frei Caneca St – Consolação, São Paulo/SP
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Phone: +55 11 2627-6300

Ibis São Paulo Paulista
2355 Paulista Ave. – Bela Vista, São Paulo/SP
Tel: +55 11 4700-3733

Novotel São Paulo Jaraguá Conventions
71 Martins Fontes St – Centro, São Paulo/SP
Phone: +55 11 2802-7000

* The conditions offered and the booking and hiring processes are the responsibilities of the hotels and the participant, respectively. Biometrics HITech is not responsible for the conditions or any stage of the hiring and hosting process.


Founded in 2014, the Association of Brazilian Registration Authorities (AARB) is the result of the wishes of the representatives of ICP-Brasil Registration Authorities and aims to defend the interests of the segment before the powers of the republic, organized civil society, as well as the massification of digital certification in the country. Through the AARB, the Registration Authorities can be represented in the most diverse spheres of public power. Thanks to their performance, RAs have better conditions to achieve objectives than they would have if they acted in isolation.

AARB is privately held and non-profit-making, and is maintained exclusively by its members. In addition to the above mentioned interests, AARB is responsible for disseminating the culture of ICP-Brasil technology and adding benefits and advantages to its members.


ABRID Brazilian Association of Digital identification Technology Companies – represents the companies specialized in digital identification technology.


Fingerprint Experts’ Association of São Paulo State is the leading news property that publishes breaking news, analysis, and research about the global biometrics market.


Biometrics Institute – independent membership organisation with offices in Sydney, Australia and London, UK. It provides an impartial international forum for biometric users and promotes the responsible use of biometrics. It has developed Privacy Guidelines for its members and has several expert and sector groups including the Biometric Vulnerability Assessment Expert Group (BVAEG), the Privacy Group, the Borders Group and the recently formed Digital Services Expert Group, who produce best-practice guiding information. It holds four biometrics conferences per year plus several training courses and networking functions. To date, it has 210 member organisations from around the world, represented by over 900 individuals.


CONADI – National Council of Official Organization on Civil and Criminal Identification has among its main duties, to defend the interests of the organization of identification before public agencies and public security system, as well as to promote and participate in the development of policies and national guidelines for the area of human identification, whether civil or criminal.


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National Information Technology Institute – ITI – Brazilian federal agency that has the mission of maintaining and executing the policies of the Brazilian Public Key Infrastructure – ICP-Brasil. ITI is the first authority in the digital certification chain.


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Biometrics HITech – To maximize the Brazilian identification technologies market through actions that contribute to the development of professionals and growing of companies in this sector.  This is the mission of Biometrics HITech.

Our portfolio is 100% focused on identification technologies. Through Biometrics HITech Portal and Biometrics HITech Summit, the only website and event in Brazil specialized in the topic, we share news and information about technologies and market news, support companies and professionals with technical knowledge and specialized services and foster business opportunities.


National Federation of Fingerprint and Human Identification Experts
– gathers the Brazilian State Fingerprint Experts Associations and represents the Fingerprint Experts’ of the whole country.


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