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  • To invest in the only national event specialized in biometrics and Identification technologies;
  • Guarantee of extremely positive results of previous editions;
  • Direct access to a highly qualifi ed public;
  • Relevant content to government and private entities;
  • Promotion, dissemination and acquisition of knowledge on biometrics technology, its applications and trends;
  • Brand and institutional image exposure;
  • Strengthen relationships with the event public (speakers, government entities and other sponsors) to generate and leverage new business.

Categories and counterparts

Registration for o Biometrics Hitech Summit 2019 (Congress and Expo)
and XV BIC
Logotype on the hotsite of the event with a link to the sponsor's websitexxx
Logotype on the event materials: badge and certificatexxx
Logotype on official panels and banners exposed in the auditorium, exhibition and circulation areasxxx
Logotype on audio visual template exposed before the beginning of the lecture sessionsxxx
Mailing of subscribers (name, institution/company, e-mail, phone number)xxx
Exhibitor standard booth at the Biometrics HITech Expo, as defined by the organization in the sponsor's manual1
Area at the Expo for printed promotional materials (provided by the sponsor)x
Startup standard booth (desk/counter) at the Biometrics HITech Expo (Startups Lounge), as defined by the organization in the sponsor's manual1
Lecture in the Biometrics HITech Conference agenda (30 minutes)already includedoptionaloptional
Authorities Sessions (40 minutes private meetings with the invited Identification Institute Directors and CONADI members)optionaloptionalopcional
Logotype on the folder, notepad and pen distributed to the attendeesoptionalopcionalopcional
Logotype on the covers of the chairs (at the conferences)optionaloptionalopcional
Logotype on the badge cordoptionaloptionalopcional

(1) Startups: Companies with up to 5 years of foundation, annual sales up to USD 4 million, provider, developer or vendor of products or solutions that use biometrics or human Identification technologies.

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