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FENAPPI and Associations Meeting

FENAPPI, National Federation of Fingerprint Experts’ and Human Identification Professionals, meets with the State and Federal District Associations to discuss subjects of interest.

August 20, Support room –  from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Who participates

Antonio Maciel Aguiar Filho – FENAPPI – President
Presidents of Fingerprint Experts Associations

CONADI Meeting

CONADI, the National Council of Official Organization on Civil and Criminal Identification , meets to discuss matters of interest.

August 21 – Meeting room – 2:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Who participates

Carlos César de Sousa Saraiva – President of CONADI
Antonio Maciel Aguiar Filho – Vice President of CONADI
Acídio Pereira Furtado – Representative of Paraíba State
Aílton Silva Machado – Representative of Mato Grosso State
Alexsandro dos Santos de Queiroz – Representative of Rondônia State
Amadeu Rocha Triani – Representative of Roraima State
Brasilio Caldeira Brant – Representative of INI (National Identification Institute)
Brígida Zúlad Rodrigues Maciel de Souza – Representative of Rio Grande do Norte State
César de Carvalho Silva – Representative of Rio de Janeiro State
Deusny Aparecido Silva Filho – Representative of Goiás State
Fernando Luiz de Souza – Representative of Santa Catarina State
Francisco das chagas Pinheiro Martins – Representative of Piauí State
Franklin Delano Magalhães Leite – Representative of Ceará State
Jenilson de Jesus Gomes – Representative of Sergipe State
João Carlos Quemelli  – Representative of Espirito Santo State
Jorge Luiz Almeida do Nascimento – Representative of Pará
Jorge Saraiva Soares – Representative of Amazonas State
Jose raimundo de almeida lima – Representative of Amapá State
Katia Rosane Reolon Bittencourt – Representative of Rio Grande do Sul State
Leticia Baptista Gamboge Reis – Representative of Minas Gerais State
Lúcio Flavo Cavalcante – Representative of Maranhão State
Marcus Vinicius da Costa Michelotto – Representative of Paraná State
Mitiaki Yamamoto – Representative of São Paulo State
Naides Cesar Silva – Representative of Tocantins State
Roney Presbítero de Arruda Nascimento – Representative of Alagoas State
Sandro Roberto Cunha Rodrigues – Representative of Acre State
Simão Pedro Teixeira Albuquerque – Representante  do Federal District
Socorro de Maria de Araújo Alves Ferreira – Representative of Bahia State

INI Meeting

Meeting of Group Leaders/Identification Centre of the Federal Police

The National Identification Institute meets with the State representatives of the Identification Centre of the Federal Police to discuss matters of interest related to the human identification and forensic papiloscopy.

August 20, Meeting room –  from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm


Theme: “Given the latest technologies and increasingly sophisticated fraud, what are the directions of civil and criminal identification and public security in Brazil in favor of protecting the citizen?”

Renowned national authorities debate the possible and feasible options of a public safety plan that can bring greater security to the citizen and identify which technologies can be used to support this process in a scenario where fraud is increasingly sophisticated.

August 20th, from 8:40 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., Auditorium

Who participates

Antonio Maciel Aguiar Filho – president of FENAPPI (mediator)
Caetano Paulo Filho – Director of the São Paulo State Civil Police Intelligence Department
Coriolano Aurélio de Almeida Camargo – President of Digital Law Academy
Jahir Lobo Rodrigues – SENASP’s General Policy Coordinator for Public Security Institutions
Maurício Rodrigues Costa – Superintendent of the Technical-Scientific Police


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Fingerprint Experts' Association of São Paulo State


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